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Something I did for a year was put unbonused spend on my AMEX Surpass/Ascend. I put $15,000 of unbonused spend in a year (which for me is most of my unbonused spend) on the card and got a free Hilton weekend certificate plus 45,000 Hilton points. At that time, the bonus for grocery spend was helpful too. With two of you, if you each got a card, you could spend $30,000 on Hilton and have the enviable problem of where to spend The last $20,000. Of course this assumes that Hilton points and free nights are a highly desirable goal for you. YMMV based on your goals and hotel prejudices. In my case, I got the Hilton Aspire card and ditched the Surpass, so my unbonused mostly goes on the CITI Double Cash now.
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