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Originally Posted by allturnleft View Post
I was passing by Heathrow yesterday and decided to have my first look since lockdown

I never seen the roads so empty, some if the perimeter road had been blocked iff

A plane would land ever 20 mins or so

I must have been transported back to the 1970s

Planes were parked up everywhere

I came across a very surreal image when I discovered there was a large empty COVID testing area with the backdrop of the BA maintenance area with its forlorn jumbos

I think its going to be a long time before LHR returns to normal but it was nice to have a little aviation fix and reminded me of visiting airports as a kid
I was thinking of going to have a look sometime when I've got some time off work soon. Where do you think the best place to go is to have look? I'm thinking of a weekday trip rather than weekend. Did security hassle you at all and what were parking restrictions like on the roads?
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