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I look forward to the day normalcy is returned too. However I fear that the current booking difficulties on DL and meager service offerings will continue for the foreseeable future. Once DL makes the major July schedule cuts we will see the same issues with flights being "Sold Out" due to rebooking of passengers whose itineraries were affected and the cabin capacity limitations. Then as fall approaches, if these limitations are still in place, we will see the issues again as so many people pushed their spring/summer travel to the fall/winter. It's a cycle I'm afraid that will repeat until DL adds back capacity and removes limitations.

I normally go out of my way to fly DL, but they made it incredibly difficult to travel over the past 2 weeks between FL and AK. My spouse needs to fly to MS in June and has had a trip booked to JAN for a few months. It's all screwed up now and no way to easily construct a new itinerary on DL for the most of June. Most likely next week I will call and cancel it for a refund. I found a very suitable itinerary on AS into MSY. Sure it's more of a drive up to MS, but at least it's bookable.

Bottomline I would love to give DL our business (and we have for years as a PM and GM) but they are making it essentially impossible to do so.
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