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Originally Posted by nzkarit
No if showing no symptoms it is managed isolation in a govt facility (aka a hotel). You are only put into quarantine of have symptoms when arrive or develop symptoms during managed isolation.

Quarantine has specific meanings in law, so can only be used for people with symptoms.
Originally Posted by samyoull
'managed self-isolation' is hanging in a hotel of the government's choice for two weeks.

'Managed' is them choosing where you'll be.

If you're lucky you'll get the SO/ Auckland.
Yep, I was just being fussy over the 'self' element of samyoull's phrase 'managed self-isolation' - my point being that that 'self-isolation' was a less strict 'stay at home' control measure used initially.

The current options are both Govt controlled and are:

managed isolation; or

With the difference between these two as nzkarit notes.

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