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Originally Posted by mrkflyer
Hadn't tried the chat, but good to know they are responsive. To be fair I assumed that like other organisations at the moment they'd be swamped and it wouldn't be quick.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. Seems like the best option is to wait until EI make a move.
Agreed. Anyone else dealing this weird situation? A friend has an AerClub booking for a United flight DUB-IAD in August. United has cancelled the route through the summer already- the underlying United PNR shows the booking as cancelled. But the Aer Lingus/Avios booking still shows the flight and shows nothing wrong with the reservation. Called Avios and they agreed that the United flight did not show up in their system as bookable, but no errors had been thrown yet for the reservation. They did say the same thing others have said- when they show the flight as cancelled, can get a full refund of points and cash. Wondering if there is a way to "help" their system see the underlying cancellation.

The irony is that EI has a flight on the same route that leaves 20 minutes earlier. For now it is still on the schedule for the summer- EI says they will restart this service on May 26. My suspicion is that they will end up cutting it- I assume they will only likely serve JFK, BOS and ORD for the foreseeable future.
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