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Originally Posted by Ged
Likely as long as a piece of string but making some plans for year end when we are flying to USA as a family - or not. Might redirect the efforts to Australia if we become a bubble. Knowing what has happened with some of the planes, some routes, some of the crew disestablishment and general Air NZ comms about them being a local carrier for the foreseeable, can you see any regular flights resuming to the USA cities by year end. By regular I mean, we won't be going through 2 weeks of quarantine etc when we arrive back in country. Back to 90% normality of travel.

Appreciate any knowledge that can help influence the decisions etc. Keep telling myself it's 6 months away but seeing the ongoing challenges globally that doesn't seem that far away now.
Given that COVID-19 in USA, UK and other countries is far from being under control, to me the chances of New Zealand and Australia being open to visitors from USA, UK etc and the converse of Au/NZ citizens going to USA, UK etc IMHO are nil for this calendar year. For June 2021 maybe 50%. Watch what Wintson says.
The fear is those citizens returning could have COVID-19. Australia has taken a different approach to NZ. Australian citizens cannot leave, unless a specific exemption. So no one returning.
A trans Tasman bubble from July is possible. The TT airline schedules have flights from July, but not for June. They won't be taking booking unless they think they can fly.

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