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Originally Posted by drwook View Post
If that's the fear in a lounge, what about the airport terminals in general and the planes.... I think once you've determined you'll be stuck in a small tube with a load of people for several hours, that's higher risk than anything likely in a lounge (especially if you pop to wash your hands as needed, easier in the lounge than on the plane...)

Not so sure about that ! I reckon I have spent more time waiting to use the washrooms (due to their totally inadequate and ill-conceived set-up), on busy days at the F lounge at T5, often purely to wash my hands, than queueing to visit the loo when actually flying in premium cabins.

But the wider point in my previous post was that lounges are not an essential part of the air travel process - whereas navigating your way through an airport terminal and then on to an aircraft self-evidently is.

if there are ways to minimise contact with surfaces used by others in close proximity, then that would be a welcome change going forward. And for that reason, the traditional arrangement within a self-serve lounge environment is just the sort of thing that could be changed ..... and that change might - stress, might - involve a prolonged period (stretching beyond 2020) of suspension of such facilities.
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