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To be honest, I don't think this will have a major effect on demand, positive or negative. Like it or lump it, masks are the flavour of the month at the moment and most - if not all - major carriers are going to fall into line on this.

People's attitudes will fall into a pretty standard bell curve. The ultra cautious at one end will not fly for months or years even if everyone were wearing hazmat suits.

The people around the more cautious quartile will feel better about flying, but most of these people would voluntarily wear the masks anyway and only very few would be stopped from flying by seeing the odd maskless passenger.

The majority in the middle will take the attitude that it may or may not do some good, but will be perfectly happy to wear a mask if it gets them travelling again.

Those around the more skeptic quartile will moan and grumble about it, but will ultimately put up with it as the price of travelling. The ultra libertarian end who will not put up with it are not going to be that many in number in the beginning.

Personally, I hate the masks and will simply not fly on any airline which mandates their use, even if that means confining my travels for a while to places I can drive my own car to (most of Europe, once borders open).

However I recognise that I belong to a recalcitrant minority and that the majority in the middle of the bell curve will simply accept it as just another hoop they have to jump through when flying.

Once some airlines inevitably break ranks with the mask rule further down the track, however, it will be interesting to see how the market votes with its feet. I can't really make a prediction on this one.
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