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So United changed my direct flight to a one-stop leaving 1.5 hours earlier to BOS-EWR layover 4 hours then EWR-LAX arriving 4 hours later. Total is more than 6 hours change but b/c it doesn't ARRIVE 6 hours later they say I am only eligible for a future flight credit or an electronic ticket certificate. Both credit and ETC are good for the same 2-year period. I also paid for upgraded seats and I know I have to apply for that credit separately.

The UA rep told me I have until 5/31 to change/cancel my flight and maybe this new flight will be changed again so she advised me to wait and see if it qualifies for cancellation and refund. Shouldn't the total change of 1.5 hours earlier + 4 hour layover + arriving 4 hours later = enough time for a refund? She supposedly checked with a supervisor and was told no.

I'm going to hang up and call again to see if I can get a different answer re the refund but in the meantime, which is better - the future credit or the certificate? From what I can gather from google, the future credit can be used with UA partners and the certificate cannot? or that you have to use the whole thing at once with a credit and a certificate can be used on multiple occasions until you use it up? This is super confusing. If I can't get a refund, I want to choose the smartest choice.
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