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It isn't just July 4. OP brought up a weird thing UA is doing starting a few weeks ago - I've seen it on a few of my PNRs. Sometime after booking, UA zeros out all inventory but keeps them on the schedule - hence why one does not get rebooked and see the [Schedule Change] notification when going into your reservation. I don't know the rationale, but they seem to leave those who have booked on the flights as optimism... they hope the flights will go out but don't want to accept further bookings. Then about a month out when they're looking at the schedule more seriously, I've been rebooked into the extremely limited bare bones flight schedule. IE one was originally a Thursday redeye early June on a 777 SFO-IAD.I booked it mid-April. A week or two later it went to inventory zero'd out. Then only 2 days ago I was rebooked onto the 1 nonstop SFO-IAD flight in the decimated schedule.

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You're seeing the results of July 4th weekend being a popular leisure travel time, and leisure travel is often booked further in advance than business travel. I suspect the reason that you can't find any inventory on the flights that you're on is that they're full, as UA has consolidated a relatively high passenger load onto many fewer flights. Seats may start to open as people cancel affected reservations.
The flights are not full. They purposefully zero out flights they have a good feeling will eventually be removed from the schedule.

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