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Originally Posted by nishimark View Post
I agree that KIX would be much easier, if you can get there. On the other hand, looking at the airport homepage for today's flights, all but two (one from Seoul, one from Taipei) are cancelled.

If someone arrived at NRT or HND, how would they be stopped from taking public transportation? Are they just requested not to? How is that enforced? Can only employees take transportation to and from the airport?
I believe you canít transit via TPE at this time. Who knows when thatíll be lifted. Maybe Korea is an option, but I donít know.

Technically, not being able to take public transport or having to quarantine for 2wks is a request and not enforceable under penalty of law (at least thatís my understanding). Iím curious to see how tightly that is being enforced, but I bet 95% of people are compliant and those who arenít are kind of selfish.
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