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Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
How is a raise next year guaranteed when it was given then rescinded this year? Do you have access to some guarantee mechanism we aren't seeing - please share.

A 7.7% raise in 2021 after, reportedly, no increase since 2017 is a 1.87% GACR. Inflation in the US has risen 8.03% over the last 4 years.

You find a raise below the rate of inflation to be reprehensible?
Personally, I don't find any of it reprehensible, even though it doesn't feel right. I could argue that highly paid CEO's shouldn't ever get base pay raises, because many other executives don't. They're compensated fairly, and don't really work for base pay but for options, grants, and bonuses. Even in a director level position after the last recession, I was told I wouldn't get raises any more (it did restart about 5 years later). And in sales, we generally don't get base pay raises, even though I have a base I can live on.

I see the Marriott situation more as a missed opportunity to be a good leader, rather than a commentary on capitalism. Sometimes employees need a symbolic act to feel like their leadership cares about them and isn't just making more money while they suffer. 100k won't do much if spent on employees, but that also means it shouldn't matter much to Arne. The optics of giving up that raise for a year might be meaningful though.
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