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Originally Posted by JBord View Post
I think you got it right. The 7.7% raise, while being $0 this year, is still a raise though. So he starts out at $1.4M next year, unless I misunderstand it.

If nothing has been said about the other 90% of his total comp, wouldn't you assume he would still get it? The article does reference the stock based incentive and cash incentive. What do you think is inconsistent?
If Marriott is doing so well next year that he gets $1.4M next year - then, great for all of us.

Between now and then - Marriott could go bankrupt - he might be granted a bunch of stock that is worth a fraction of what it is today - he may not reach a bunch of cash incentives due to company performance, etc -

Speculating on compensation when it is unknown what will happen with the airline/hotel industry is pure speculation.
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