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Originally Posted by Canarsie View Post
The base salary of Arne Sorenson is $1,300,000.00 per year, which he is foregoing for the rest of the year; so he is not going to receive that increase of 7.7 percent during the pandemic.

Nothing has been said about the remainder of his $13,435,887.00 in total compensation, which is found on page 44 of the aforementioned document...
I think you got it right. The 7.7% raise, while being $0 this year, is still a raise though. So he starts out at $1.4M next year, unless I misunderstand it.

If nothing has been said about the other 90% of his total comp, wouldn't you assume he would still get it? The article does reference the stock based incentive and cash incentive. What do you think is inconsistent?

That said, the source you used is a much more credible source than a newspaper article.
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