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Finally after a couple of weeks we have had some clarification 're vouchers and use.

Q - Customer has called and the booking has been processed for voucher issue. Can they now get a refund?
A - No, once the itinerary has been cancelled through the voucher process, the customer is no longer eligible for a refund

Q - Customer has requested a voucher online. They have received notification that their original flights are cancelled, are they entitled to a refund
A - If the flights have not been cancelled through the voucher process and showing UN status in the PNR, the customer is eligible for a refund.
Q - Customer has applied for a voucher, their flights have been cancelled through the voucher process, can we reinstate their original flights
A - No, once the flights have been cancelled through the voucher process, any rebooking is subject to the voucher conditions

Q - Customer has applied for a voucher, their flights have not yet been cancelled, can they keep their original flights
A - Advise the customer we can attempt to stop the voucher process from canceling the flights but it cannot be guaranteed. Insert the following AP elements into the PNR

Q - Can the new booking be in a different name to that on the original ticket?
A - No, name changes are not allowed.

Q - Does both outbound and inbound travel need to be completed within the 12 month period from original date of travel?
A - Yes, travel is to be completed within 12 months from the original date of travel.

Q - If Avios have been used as part payment to reduce the commercial fare and a voucher is requested, will the Avios be refunded?
A - There will be no refund of Avios however the total value spent by the customer (part payment and part Avios) will be included in the voucher total.

Q - What happens if the new flight is cheaper than the value of the voucher?
A - Any difference between the new fare and the original fare paid will be issued on a standalone EMD-S (residual value for further transportation). GCC will need to issue this EMD and provide the number to the customer for future use.
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