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As people here probably have realized, I fly between AMS and ATH often. So I'm following the news on both sides and as it stands, I don't know any better than that:

* AMS will close for all except rescue and cargo flights
* ATH will close for all except rescue and a few domestic flights

However, while Aegean has canceled all flights to AMS for April - KLM has not. In fact, the schedule is still fully available with 2 flights on most days. A few days ago I was under the impression that it would take time to cancel and rebook pax and that that was the reason for the flights to remain available. However now for a week or so all pax seem to have been rebooked, the lowest fare classes are available, and these flights are fully bookable for the lowest fares. I'd almost think that they are actually planning to operate these..

Which would be good news for me in case I have to travel for emergencies.. but it also sounds a little but surreal/unbelievable. And it doesn't quite match with the news that AMS would be closing down to almost 0.
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