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Originally Posted by JeffBHD
Any intelligence on what might happen with a redemption booking made using an Amex 241 and GUF2, both of which will now be past their "use by" date ?
I can't help you with the 241, but here is my experience from this morning (tl;dr - my GUF2 was allowed to be used despite it having expired in October):

I was scheduled to fly this coming Saturday JFK-LHR-DXB to a cruise, with the return toward the end of this month. The booking was made last September with a GUF2 expiring in October, outbound upgraded from CW to F and inbound upgraded from WTP to CW. 18 hours ago (2 days after the UAE closed all cruise ship ports) I finally received a notice that my cruise had been cancelled; when I called BA this morning (~9:30 US Eastern time; on hold for ~15 minutes before being connected to an agent), I was given the following options. (Note that these were given despite my booking originally not being US-Schengen.)

- Re-book without change fee (but paying fare difference) for flights completed by 01 August (could include origin/destination changes) - this is spelled out in update 4.
- Re-book for flights ending after 01 August but pay a change fee.
- Hold the ticket value until no later than 1 year after ticket purchase date (so mid-September for me), and then probably have to pay a change fee unless they decide otherwise in a future update.

The agent seemed to be steering me toward the last option, but I decided against that as it was unclear for how long I would be able to use the ticket value (maybe only until mid-Sept 2020; it it could have been confirmed for use into summer 2021 I would have chosen this). Instead, I booked JFK-LHR-<Schengen> and return for late August - early September (matching dates up with a European cruise), with both directions in J; the agent volunteered to apply my expired GUF2 to this new itinerary. I don't think using my expired GUF2 was official policy, but the agent may have just felt sorry for me having to pay a change fee (see below).

Costs involved:
- My return flights JFK-Schengen all in CW were ~ 350 less expensive than my original JFK-DXB return with outbound paid in CW and return paid in WTP, so I lost 350 in ticket value. (Note that BA will not allow ticket value to be used for change fees.)
- I also had to pay the $500 change fee, but I will be returned $140 in excess taxes/fees plus my cruise line will refund up to $400 in change fees, so potentially a net gain of $40 i.e. ~32.
- My GUF2 will only be used on two flight segments instead of the 4 that were in the original itinerary, but I get 3 CCR visits instead of 2.

I'm reasonably happy with this outcome, mostly because I expected to come out much worse from this. I might have been better off using the third option above, but the intersection of my available vacation days before mid-September and cruise dates in Europe on cruise lines/itineraries I would want to take was very limited; if I didn't book something now I was concerned that all of my desired cruise options to use these flights with would disappear.

Sorry for the length of this post; I hope it helps...

Added: it looks like I made a less-than-ideal choice, as update 5 explicitly confirms that I could have used the ticket value until March of 2021.

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