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There are a bunch of cases in San Antonio, but they were quarantined there after being evacuated from Wuhan and the cruise ship.

I wonder if its less about the attendees and more about concerns from businesses who want to 1) cut back spending and travel and 2) not force their employees to be exposed.

Upon so many companies pulling out, it looks like it made sense to just cancel it.
My company is one of those that just pulled out of SXSW this week. For us (and probably most), it was not about cutting back on spending. The past few days have been hectic finding out what money we can get back. We got some deposits refunded but there are huge sums that we sunk (not to mention many hundreds of hours of employee time over many months preparing the event) that we will never get the benefit from. And we can‘t reuse what we‘ve designed and built, because it was to promote a project for this timing.
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