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This lounge will be located around the base of the old ATC tower. Page 37 and 38 of this document has a floor plan and view from outside of the lounge. : around page

And blueprints of existing floorplan:

it is interesting that an operator and naming rights have been announced before the construction contract award has been announced.

The real missed opportunity is to re-purpose the actual old tower into a retail/dining/observation space. Unfortunately, the entire main terminal and tower have been designated as historical which means significant alterations are prohibited which in turn means the only existing elevator cannot be made to be ADA compliant. So now it sits there like a carbuncle on the ... of a pimple for many many years yet to come. It is very cool up there; considering how many people pay to go to the top of the Empire State Building, Stratosphere in Vegas, etc it would be a huge money maker. Oh well.
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