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Originally Posted by Atacama40 View Post
Extremely odd choice by Fairmont. The IC building was well known (mainly by IC themselves) to be a nightmare to modify.

The skeleton is classic soviet era and very very tough to change. Is why rooms and bathrooms and layout have been so fixed forever ... it was just too complex and expensive to do. And their occupancy and margin was always too good to warrant doing anything.

Is also why the lounge looks like a couple of mid range rooms glued together ... because that's what it was.

IC Prague staff have always been good but they know they have a poison chalice there in architectural terms ... certainly not in location and motivation.

Fairmont will have to level it to make anything useful and yet would they be allowed to do that. Not sure.
If it is a management contract (which I assume) and not ownership any renovations would be up to the current ownership in like with any brand guidelines from Fairmont. Given their portfolio of old railway hotels I suspect their guidelines are broad enough to handle this concrete pile. I know some of the rooms I have had at Fairmonts were downright odd.
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