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In times of a serious influenza epidemic - like it's going on in the US or in Germany right now, it is important to disinfect your hands frequently and not to touch your face (especially mouth, eyes) without having washed your hands before. That means to have disinfection solution at home. That means to learn, how to wash your hands properly as most people don't do it properly enough to prevent a flu infection. That means to be aware, when you touch your face,
I just wash my hands with regular bar or liquid soap in warm water. Not sure about my hygiene standards, but I probably wash them about 10 - 15 times per day? Always before and after meals, upon entering my house or office, and whenever touching something that may not be clean. Should I be using some kind of special "germ killing" solution? Never bothered, nor thought it was necessary. Yet, I've still gotten the cold/flu (can never tell which I have) about twice per year since as long as I can remember? Some better and some worse, but I've never come close to, nor have known anyone who have, being concerned, let alone coming close to dying.

Still remember growing up being told, "don't worry, it's just a cold." And, on to school with my Kleenex...

PS - I didn't mention the lavatory since I'm assuming it's universal that everyone washes his hands afterwards.
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