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Originally Posted by ZBigFam View Post
That's the point though and the reason I started the thread because if I am upgraded 90%+ of the time and there is no algorithm in place then I will be overjoyed at AA vs United.

Help me understand the drop off then? What makes things so much worse for EXPs that fly AA regularly once off trial? I genuinely want to know.

pretty sure someone has mentioned this before. your experience is purely based on routes. if you keep flying the routes you fly now you'll continue to experience the same upgrade %.

My experience so far has been:

DFW <-> LGA 0% upgrade (10 months weekly traveling) Sun Evening/Thurs Afternoon
RDU <-> LGA 100% upgrade (3 months of weekly traveling) still ongoing. Sun Evening/ Thurs Afternoon

so if i just fly the RDU <-> LGA route then yea my experience would be great
if i fly just the DFW <-> LGA route then my experience sucks.

of course the RDU <-> LGA upgrade % could deteriorate if a lot more higher EXP spend folks start taking that route during peak consultant traveling time.
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