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Amazing F experience followed by a disappointing one

Just got off JL4. Did JFK -> NRT (JL3) and NRT -> JFK (JL4) in F.

JFK->NRT was amazing, easily the best flight I've ever had. FAs were incredibly attentive, efficient, and friendly. Near the end of the meal service I was asked if I wanted my bed made, to which I said yes. Immediately I was shown to the lavatory and given PJs to change into. Once I changed, the FAs took my clothes and hung them on a hanger in the closet.
After a brief nap I awoke, FA came by and asked if I wanted anything to drink or eat. I had a drink and the JAL Ramen. We chatted for a bit and they would come by every 30 min or so (minimum) to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. Around 3 hours before landing, I had the Japanese pre-arrival meal, and immediately was asked if I wanted to undo my bed. I agreed and went to the lavatory to change, where I was given my clothes on a hanger. Even after that, FAs stopped by to make sure I had something to drink, or just to chat.

NRT->JFK was the opposite. FAs were polite, but not proactive at all. After the main meal was over, I was given a bottle of water, then I stayed awake for about 5 hours because I wanted to adjust to the new time zone. Not once during this 5 hour period was I asked if I needed anything, offered food/drink, or checked on at all. After 5 hours awake (it was 2AM Japan time by now) I decided to go to bed and flagged down an FA to have my bed made. I also had to ask for PJs, as they were not given proactively. Also, I had to store my clothes in the overhead bin myself as no one offered to hang & store them. I slept for about 4 hours, and awoke 3 hours before landing. There was minimal service until 1.5 hours before landing at which point an FA asked me if I wanted anything to eat since they were closing the galley. I asked for the Japanese meal, which they offered to set up in the empty seat next to me (this was the only plus of the flight). All in all, disappointing given how good my outbound flight was. I shouldn't have wasted 45,000 miles to upgrade.

So the question - is what I experienced on NRT-JFK the norm and I just happened to have a fantastic outbound flight?

Note 1 - I gave holiday chocolates to the crew on my outbound. However, I neither expected (nor should there be) any difference in service resulting from this. I did get a few extra thank-you's from crew in the other cabins and a thank you note.
Note 2 - JL4 was a night flight, departing at 7:30PM. Is this why there was not as proactive service as passengers are expected to be asleep for most of the flight?
Note 3 - I purchased revenue J tickets and spent miles to upgrade. I was JMB Sapphire on the outbound and JMB Diamond on the inbound. If I had spent $10k on a flight like that, I would not be happy.
Note 4 - I am a native Japanese speaker so communication wasn't an issue.

Very disappointing indeed and I wish I hadn't spent the miles. The service was business-class level at best, or worse.

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