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Unhappy Missed Diamond MQD Waiver by $140, Worth Escalating?

Realized in mid-December I was much closer to the 250k waiver than realized (due to business expenses on card)... only needed to spend 8k to hit it. That's a lot of unplanned spend for me in two weeks but decided to go for it, figured the GUCs for honeymoon would be worth it. Created a spreadsheet and planned out everything... then prepaid some bills, purchased 2020 flights to JNB and HND, bought a bunch of random stuff I've wanted forever. Everything posts before 1/1, I'm sitting at $250,310.81, can't believe I pulled it off... but being paranoid I call the AMEX<>Delta line (which looks to be run by AMEX) and ask them to confirm I'm over 250k for YTD 2019 which they do and then congratulate me.

Wait a couple days for Delta to catch up on their end. Refresh for the 100th time and they're showing me at 249k-250k. Sigh... what did I miss? Reach out to Delta... they seem to have no transparency into the number. Reach back out to the AMEX<>Delta line and another person does some digging and then drops the bomb... I didn't factor in the credit card fee of $450 which means I'm short by $140. Very unfortunate.

I email Delta and state my case, get an automated email back saying that "our records indicate you did not meet the requirement to achieve Diamond Medallion Status".

Has anybody heard of exceptions being made for circumstances like this? If so... what's the recommended strategy for contacting somebody who might be empathetic to everything above?

At this point I would just do "Elevate My Status" because I'm so invested but of course I'm $600 away from the most expensive package helping me reach $15,000 MQD as I have 212k MQM but only $9,440 MQD.

Anyway... appreciate you reading this and any advice you might be able to provide.

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