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TIL that hardware which claims to support "USB 3.1", might actually just mean "USB 3.0" -- because in an incredible act of deception, the industry decided that "USB 3.0" is synonymous with "USB 3.1 gen 1", and so if you if you want to achieve the higher data transfer speeds at the "USB 3.1" level, you really need to make sure that both ends of the connection support "USB 3.1 gen 2".

So apparently my new computer, which proudly boasts "USB 3.1" connectors ... isn't actually any improvement over a "3.0" connection, because the fine print says "USB 3.1 gen 1"

Super frustrating. Although at least I now understand why I'm seeing the data transfer speeds that I am.

So it's not just the airline industry which is filled with crooks and liars.
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