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LHR-HKG / DEC'19 / 835 - Taken

LHR-HKG - Dec 2019
Club World to First - 835.00

Avios and TP still not in account 3 days after flight so can't yet 100% confirm F-Class Avios and Tier Points

(if you're interested)

Worth it?
  • Service was definitely, almost over the top, outstanding. Didn't expect that from a WW crew - thought they were gonna be a bit "meh"
  • Food was nice, though had to insist on getting the desired starter - also if you pre-ordered a meal from the menu in WT+ or CW prior to AUP, have the agent you're doing the AUP with remove the meal code, or inform cabin crew that you will choose from menu on board instead. Otherwise the pre-order meal code will also get transferred over and cabin crew will think you want whatever the equivalent meal code is in F.
    (I pre-ordered the fish in CW prior to AUP, and in F that translated to pork)
  • B773 - Seat 3K - IMHO not too much different than Business class seat on AA 789 / QR 787/380 --- (Save your typing - not going to entertain a ping-pong discussion on my opinion, thanks!)
  • AA F (and CX F for that route) surely have more seat-area space than BA F.
  • Did I get a better sleep on BA 773 F 3K than on AA 773 C 3J? No.
  • Did I sleep better than I would have slept in BA 773 J 10B - very probably.
  • Concorde Room was a bit underwhelming. Private dining was cute, although food took very long (20+ mins) and then also the wrong dish arrived (ordered sea bass, got ox cheek)
  • First Lounge buffet the day before was very yummy - salt beef brisket with pickles ^ ^ ^ >> Concorde Room is not an influencer for me going forward (Again - my opinion)

Also to mention -
No matter what or who you do , getting an AUP the day before at LHR/LGW is a waste of time, it just won't happen.
Agents confirmed they could - but rules say it has to be at least 00:01AM on the day of departure from LHR/LGW before they can do an AUP
I popped by the F-Wing in T5 in the morning before work (was there 8am although flight left at 6.30pm, just to secure my AUP - yes I wanted to try F).
The evening before 3 seats were still open in F - and I indeed snatched the last seat by stopping by airport early.
Agent confirmed CW to F AUPs are much more popular than WT+ to CW AUPs, F almost always goes out full, CW not necessarily.

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