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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
Years ago there were a lot of issues activated a Sam's club gift card. They sent the gift cards then you had to wait for the activation emails to arrive. However the activation emails did not work. The customer service number was for WalMart gift cards which would not recognize the Sam's gift card numbers... It was endless headache. The problems were so bad that I swore never touch a Sam's club offer again.

How is your experience in the latest gift card order?
Had an activation issue 2-3 yrs ago where they never marked the orders "shipped" so it wasn't possible to activate and the charge also got delayed. I ordered early so I just waited it out -- my charge eventually hit couple weeks later within the promo period so no problem getting the credit and it eventually activated.

Don't remember having any problem last year -- not too worried about it this time and main reason why I'm ordering it early since there's a month left to account for any delays (not expecting any delay this time)
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