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Originally Posted by WilcoRoger View Post
Then drive home to your well heated/cooled house and put a nice steak on the pan.
The logical extension of this claim is that it's impossible to decouple wealth and GDP from a linear increase emissions. This is quite obviously fallacious.

I'll head home to a condo heated/warmed by a high-efficiency heat pump that runs almost exclusively on solar/wind. Low-emissions certainly doesn't equate to suffering in my day to day life, and the goal is to extend this to aviation.

And still, European (and Nordic - SK, AY, D9, etc) aviation keeps growing.
I don't doubt that aviation will keep growing. In fact the explosion of aviation growth is what makes this such an important issues. I think we can safely operate from the assumption, the citizens of India and China will be flying at rates approaching the United States today. The critical question for our planet is how. If it's with slightly evolved versions of our current aircraft, the world is screwed.

Living in the present period, with the financial and social resources to influence how aviation develops over the coming decades, is in many ways an enormous privilege and opportunity. Are we going to use it to push for an extra entree-option in the lounge?
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