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Originally Posted by bitterproffit View Post
I am still confused as to how traveling in Business emits more carbon. Is the concept that my consumer spending incentivizes decreasing density on planes?
Yes, I think that's true. If the market was solely for business class, than that's what airlines would provide. Conversely, if business demand drops, they can fit a smaller plane on a route with less fuel burn.

Additionally, business is usually (granted not always) a higher margin product. To not spend the extra revenue on business allows a substantial impact and still let's you get where you're going and could be a reasonable compromise depending on your needs.

As fuel is the number one cost of operating a plane, I guess I assume the airlines have a monetary incentive to reduce fuel usage (and therefore reduce emissions) as much as possible.
That's true to some extent, although it's actually not their first expense. Depending on how you attribute HR costs, the fuel is only 20-22% of revenue for typical US airlines. I would argue that the external costs of the carbon pollution aren't currently being adequately assessed so it's about putting some top line pressure on the airlines to invest in more dramatic changes.

I haven't read a lot of stories about airlines feeling any pressure in demand drop due to climate change. But I imagine its in their minds.
I'm the Nordic nations especially and elsewhere in Europe, it's starting to become a major market force, up to 10-15% of what domestic travel would have otherwise been.
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