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Originally Posted by cmcc View Post
What a profound waste of time.
Actually, nevermind. A brief review of your posting history on Flyertalk seems to suggest an overwhelming trend towards haunting this subforum (interesting given your overwhelming disapproval of the premise) and making rather silly claims about how it would be impossible for the world to both expand its wealth and usable energy supply without utterly destroying the planet. In fact, concerted political will could move our global energy supplies to less impactful sources that would benefit humans and the environment greatly. Aviation is simply a special case of this problem that requires fantastic energy-density for long-haul flying.

It's the classic fossil-fuel FUD (fear, uncertainty, division) playbook that distracts people that have a stake in the medium-term health of the planet from carrying out the exciting but challenging work that needs to be undertaken to make the planet more habitable and biodiverse in 2100 than it's current path.

People that still have hope for the planet and a stake should, in my view, go ahead and email some airlines.
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