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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
It's not an exit rown on mainline, they have at least 3 cabin crew members. With only 2 cabin crew, 6 doors, with 1 crew member injured, what happens next?

This has been the situation since FLY was introduced, I presume on other occasions you were either checking in a bag, or unfortunately some outsourced staff take one look at you and decide they know the answer without asking. But 100% of times, the flag is there on 190s, to the best of my knowledge.
Thanks, but when I say "mainline" I'm talking about, for example, A319/320/321 from LHR (AFAIK only CF operate the E190 in BA colours). I am 99% certain I've flown in an exit row on those aircraft since FLY and have never been asked other than at MMB or on board (during the briefing) about whether I'm happy to sit there. I'm happy to concede the point about 2 crew making 2D an exit seat, but I'm just wondering why it requires this additional step (when it's already highlighted on the seat map and gives the tick-box when you select it).
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