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Originally Posted by storewanderer View Post
Sounds about right. Location got tired of giving away free rentals. Tough luck. Location is Avis and if Avis wants to issue free day coupons, the location is obligated to accept said coupons.

If there was an issue with the coupons, the location should not have accepted the coupons and the Avis computer should have rejected said coupons.

I don't see how it is coupon fraud to use Avis coupons.

"so it would appear as though it may be coupon fraud"

Wow, so you can get on the Do Not Rent list for something that "would appear as though it may be?"

This is really poor form on the part of Avis and they should be quite embarrassed.

I suggest contacting Avis upper management. Some people need to be disciplined.
Exactly, it seems like since it appears one way, even though they have no fully researched it, they’ll add you to the list. Then when you show them that they were issued to a business and you actually work at that business they’re really slow to admit they were wrong and fix it.

I’m still waiting to hear back from them, over the phone rep said expect a response within 10 business days from 11/26 which if I’ve proven everything and sent over documentation I have no idea how they can’t see that and just fix it.
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