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Originally Posted by theultimateflyer View Post
Hi all,

I was recently looking at a car rental online through As a driver below the age of 25 Im usually subject to young driver surcharges from most rental companies. Does anyone know if these charges are included in the quote?

i entered my DOB in my search and a box popped up saying the surcharges were included in the quote. However when moving to the booking page, the fine print says the surcharge is payable at the rental office and not included in the quote. Does anyone know which is correct? Thinking of calling BA to find out but figured maybe someone here would have an idea and save me spending time on hold.

If relevant, Im looking at rentals from YVR.

I would take a screenshot of the screen showing that the surcharges are included. If after showing this to the rental desk they still charge, then Id follow it up with BA on your return
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