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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
Researching these issues gets a low priority. If you hear back in <90 days, be glad. There is nothing you can do to speed this along and, as you have seen, repeated contacts on the same topic do you no favors.
90 days that is absurd.

Originally Posted by missingcolours View Post
If you have negotiated rates, presumably whoever handles those type of travel contracts for your company has a corporate contact that could expedite resolution of the issue.
Just e-mailed them, but haven’t spoken to the since late 2018.

Originally Posted by storewanderer View Post
I don't think a franchise location can just up and add you to the do not rent list... that is not how it works. The franchise location had to suggest adding you to this list for this supposed fraudulent activity and someone at the corporate end agreed with them and added you to it.

It appears to me the franchise location got tired of giving you free rentals and opted to do something to add you to the do not rent list. Definitely not the best way to go about doing things. I would contact Avis executives immediately if you are comfortable with what you did and truly do not think you did ANYTHING wrong (e.g. those coupons were in your name and rightfully yours to use and there was absolutely nothing funny or questionable going on).

Like, are you in Avis system as a "partner?" Are the coupons for Bob Smith and say "non transferrable" and you are Jim Jones using them?

A different approach would have been for the franchise location to simply deny you the use of the coupons, but then you would go complain to corporate because they should not be denying corporate issued coupons (at least, I would if I were you) and then the franchise would get in trouble. Instead the franchise somehow turned this on its head and made you get in trouble instead, and worse, made you lose rental ability throughout this Avis/Budget/Payless network. Again if you truly do not believe you did anything wrong, push this up quickly to executive management and frankly this franchise who wrongfully added you do the do not rent list (along with whoever at corporate approved doing so) should be in some real hot water.
When I called the “Corporate Security” department they said that X person from X location added me to the list, not that they recommended adding me.

I honestly do not feel like anything was done improperly. The coupons were issued to the business which I am a partner in, I have a business credit card with my name and the business name on it (which I forwarded to them via email). Is there any executive department to speak to? Or only the “Corporate Security” department who handles the DNR list?

I feel really violated, I literally rented a car on 11/21 to be returned on 11/23, on 11/23 I returned the car then flew out to Los Angeles tried to rent a car and was denied being told I’m on the Do Not Rent List. Imagine being in a city that’s not your home and being essentially stranded.

As far as the franchisee I really do feel like he felt like by using the Certificates we had we cut into his bottom line and by adding me to the DNR he resolves his issue. That’s a terrible way to go about business and I just don’t understand how someone could do that. It’s one thing to ask you to go to another location, but adding you to a nationwide list so you’re banned from renting altogether that’s ludicrous.
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