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Avis/Budget “Do Not Rent List” Help!

Found out a week ago I was added to the DNR list.

The agent at the counter gave me the Agreement number that was listed on the complaint along with a phone number. Since it was the weekend I called the general customer service and they checked and said I am on the list and to email [email protected] I emailed them and got an automated response saying they received the message. I then called in on Tuesday to see exactly what I was on the list for, as no one knew. The lady over the phone said for “Coupon Misuse” and advised me which location added me to the DNR.

I immediately emailed the [email protected] again this time with further information.

They e-mailed back a little bit annoyed, we are researching this. That’s all.

So here’s background:

I am a partner in a business, we get rental certificates every quarter and partners can use them for travel as long as they have some type of billable business going on (meeting, dinner, etc.). Well I’ve gone to the same rental location a few times and it’s a franchised location. I used 7 rental certificates with Avis which ended up with me paying only the taxes and fees which were charged to my business card with the Company’s name on it. I’ve done this over a dozen times all across the US and have never had an issue. Completely out of the blue the owner of this location adds me to the DNR list for “Coupon Misuse”, but the coupons and certificates are issued to the business and I even pay with the business credit with the company’s name on it!

The situation makes no sense at all, and the girl at the counter even pulled up the contract listed on the DNR complaint and said everything looks normal on it.

Its been over a week since I sent in the initial email with it seems no progress.

Any advice on where to go from here? I travel a good amount for business and our company switched over to Avis/Budget because of negotiated pricing, coupons and the rental certificates.
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