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Originally Posted by Nomoredelta View Post
It wasnít so much a discount was expected, rather I was hoping not to be gouged when the plane is undersold. The one way upgrade quote was very close to the cost of of round trip D1 R/T price when I booked. Iíve been a priority flyer on one carrier or another for 30 years, and it has been my last few with Delta when the value of my loyalty program has diminished to essentially nothing. In an hour Iíll be boarding the plane and some poor flight attendant will come back to thank me for my loyalty...... I will endeavor not to laugh in their face.
One-way is weird. Always check round-trip if you get a one-way quote that seems way out of line to you and round-trip is available for your flight. Also try whatever tricks you can think of. I flew transatlantic in 2017 and got an astronomical quote for Biz on Delta; I checked Expedia flight+hotel and adding the hotel made the flight plus hotel $4000 cheaper than the flight by itself.

This doesn't really touch on your complaint, which I have no disagreement with and don't know how to solve, but all airlines are like this I guess and the only way to try to get a better deal is to try whatever approaches we can think of and continue to share information.
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