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Originally Posted by N830MH View Post
That's stupid idea! There is no banned 737-MAX in FLL. Airlines has it right to bring 737-MAX8/9 into FLL. He has no authority from FAA or Boeing.

Vote him out! Now!
The only people in Florida who can ban the 737 MAX are potential passengers, if they truly ALL collectively refuse to fly it, since an airline cannot afford to fly empty airplanes for long.

But given that poor sales of plane seats would lead to steeply discounted prices for those seats, I can't see this doing anything more than lowering prices on 737 MAX flights, because there's too many people who I'm sure will reconsider "never flying the MAX again" if the price is low enough.

So in the end, the question is not whether anyone will "ban" it, but rather will it suffer so much attrition that it is not possible to command profitable fares for it.

The question is: Does Southwest identify the plane you're flying reliably when you book it, the way other airlines with assigned seats do? It's going to be more crazy if people don't realize they're flying a 737 MAX until they got to the airport. (At other airlines with assigned seats, if the type of plane changes and your seat assignment has to change, you get notified by the airline that plane changed because of that. But at Southwest, where it's open seating, do they notify you if your plane type changes between booking and flying?)
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