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Just spent 4 nights here with my wife and figured I'd pass along some details since reviews were sparse when I was looking a few months ago. The hotel appeared to be pretty low occupancy when we were there. Never saw more than maybe 10 other people in the pool area at any given time. In spite of this as a diamond booking with points we only got upgraded one category from an island view room to a water view room on the second floor. To tell the truth, my status wasn't recognized at all during the check in process until i inquired about whether we had been upgraded at all.

A couple other minor points that stuck out in my mind, the jacuzzi wasn't working the whole time we were there. I finally mentioned this to the staff on our second to last day and they started to work on it, but it still wasn't fixed by the time we departed. The jacuzzi may not be a popular item when the weather is 85 degrees, but i would have put it to use once the sun went down in the evenings. Speaking of evenings, we found that we needed to run our air circulator in the room on high at night to drown out the music playing in the pool area. This may not be a problem for others, but we went to bed somewhat early while there.

I also noted that they never replenished the toiletries in the bathroom through our four nights. On our last day I bumped into a housekeeper in the hallway and requested an additional bottle of shampoo which she happily provided. Just makes me wonder if they are trying to skimp on toiletries to save a few bucks?

The staff throughout the hotel were friendly and nice to talk to any time we had the chance, so we did enjoy the interaction. Breakfast was decent, although everyone in the hotel gets free breakfast, so no diamond benefit there. Come to think of it, the Hilton branding on the whole was pretty minimal, so I'm not sure what they're aiming for with that association.

Overall we had an enjoyable stay, but I had a hard time saying "yes" when asked at check out if we would be back. I feel like there are probably other hotels in the Caribbean that we would be more impressed by. We've only visited 3 islands so far and I feel like we haven't found one yet that we are "hooked" by.

Feel free to drop any other questions here and I'll do my best to answer.
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