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Originally Posted by ogg View Post
But the national policy at WM is to allow one MO transaction anyway with ID always required over $1K--and has been for over a year now. If you're asked for ID and don't show one, you're acting suspicious. What do you gain by doing that? If you're not asked for ID, it won't matter whether you're in the WM/MG system or not--and it won't matter if you're banned or not. So the system knows your official photo ID. Where's the harm? WM/MG has many millions of such IDs in its records. What in the world do you think anyone is going to do with that info?

IMHO, this reluctance to provide ID when requested is just an irrational fear. Unless, of course, you've got your photo hanging on a wall somewhere as a wanted felon, or your ID is fake. But if you're a law-abiding citizen doing a perfectly legal task, why act like a criminal?

If the info isn't stored securely and gets picked up for misuse by someone else, it could mean being flagged down by government authorities and having a hassle you don't really want to have. Likely? Definitely not. Possible to be hassled because of it even as a non-criminal? Definitely.
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