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MO Refund experience

This is a little off topic, but I had a couple of VGC used then immediately refunded, that I was using at a local store (not WM) to purchase MO.

Clerks were being jerks ( I should have walked out).. but I decided to stay the course and make the attempt. Clerk noticed that I was using two different debit cards for the two transactions, and was very upset that I was somehow cheating since I only showed them my official bank debit card. If I was only buying one MO would have been fine, but... I wanted 3 $500 MO.

Told them I can only do $500/day on each debit card and they didn't care.

So.. they insisted that they take the first MO back, and refund that amount to the VGC, as well as doing the same thing for the second MO that processed completely and went through. I played it cool and just insisted that I get receipts for the refund transaction, which they provided, and I left.

Got home and checked VGC balance and found that both cards were no longer available to check online. Called the 800 number and got a lecture about how these cards are not refillable.. and I said that the purchase and immediate refund was a result of the vendor, not me. CSR continued with golly this is such a large amount ($500/card) that higher level folks will need to investigate and it will take several days.

Got better when he asked for my email and sent me a request that made clear, they just wanted copies of the original spend $500 transaction. Fortunately I had all the receipts for the purchase and refund so.. I scanned the two MO purchase receipts and replied with a JPEG image to the email request.

A few days went by and I got a follow up email indicating both cards were re-authorized and reloaded so all was well.

Lesson learned.. if the clerks are being jerks.. just buy one MO, or walk out. (Demanded to see Debit Card and ID then got manager who demanded to see exact same thing).

Second lesson learned, be sure you keep all paperwork for all transactions just in case anything goes wrong.

Third lesson learned.. keep you cool, and just let the clerks do whatever they want , as long as they provide paperwork that clearly documents each transaction.

Fourth lesson learned from the thread on folks getting banned at WM for MO purchase.. keep your transactions below $1000 and don't share your ID to purchase MO. Just tell them you left your ID in car if they ask and depart. Once you are in the "system" there is no telling what they will do with your information and getting shut down would make my limited MS much more difficult. Maybe we are on the way to just buy one MO per transaction and keep is simple but your MS is still breathing. Name in System... large dollar amounts... managers involved, no thanks.

Have fun
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