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Let me add my post from the other thread here:

What the article roughly says (no guarantee it is actually true):

All flight segments will get us points:

short-haul: 5 (Y/PE), 10 (J/F)
long-haul: 15/20/50/70 (Y/PE/J/F)

Status thresholds:
FTL: 160 (min 80 on LH Group)
SEN: 480 (min 240 on LH Group)
HON: 1500 (all on LH Group)
per year!

If true, it closes many loopholes and devalues F-cabin tickets, particularly booking class F.

HONs will need 22 F-cabin segments a year or 30 J-cabin segments a year to stay HON. (minus points from feeders and short-haul)
SEN will probably be about as difficult as before, but only for one year and thus less attractive.

Apparently SEN benefits such as the Senator Premium Award will be scrapped.

If true, again, the new system would not have a revenue component at all, which would be a huge huge surprise.
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