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Originally Posted by azepine00 View Post
iIf your bank account balance goes negative bank will not go and seize your property purchased in the past; they may prevent future purchases, assess penalties, close accounts etc etc but not reverse a completed transaction or go after your property without court decision. The ticket was already pax' property and imo they should go after AS and claim the amount they spent in SCC.
Airlines aren't banks. No shock, the T&Cs for Mileage Plan say AS can yank your already issued MP award tickets for fraud. Emphasis added.


In the event a Mileage Plan member violates these Conditions of Membership, perpetrates a fraudulent or deceitful act against Alaska Airlines, any of its partners or any of its customers, or engages in behavior offensive to Alaska Airlines' employees, partners or customers, Alaska Airlines may, without notice and in its sole discretion, suspend the Mileage Plan member's account; terminate membership in the Mileage Plan program; cancel all previously accumulated mileage; refuse to transport on a temporary or permanent basis; and/or confiscate any certificates or tickets previously issued.
There you go. There's a reason why that blogger called it "aggressive" but not "a violation of terms and conditions for the frequent flyer program". Doesn't seem like an open and shut case in SCC (especially since that correspondent's admissions against interest at least indicate they weren't paying any attention to their MP account's negative balance for a number of months), and case law is pretty pro-airline in the USA. The moral of the story might be "keep an eye on tickets that are worth thousands of dollars and the frequent flyer account you used, because the airline will".

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