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Originally Posted by SpeedBird17Victor View Post
Hi Folks,

Just tried online check in for my flight tomorrow; Ex UK... big flashing screens saying "contact reservation agent", to which they said regulations require a certain percentage of people checking in, to be done manually, at the airport, and not online. Is this true? First time i've ever even heard of such a practice.. or is this a pre warning for getting to the airport and either being booted off or downgraded?

More and more Delta outstations departing to the US require manual check-in. This is so that some contract security employees (working on behalf of Delta who is in turn working on behalf of absurd and ineffectual US government policy) can ask you a set of behavioral interview questions with the goal of identifying travelers perceived as high risk for secondary screening done at the gate.

It has nothing to do with the typical SSSS tag as mentioned above - it doesn't mean you have been specially selected - if it is at an airport like I mentioned above, all travelers have to go through this security theater. This includes major Delta hubs such as CDG (not sure about AMS - this wasn't the case last time I went there, but it was over a year ago).

If you choose to cooperate with the contract employee (who likely speaks barely passable English and will be reading from a script on a tablet), you will generally not be required to take any other action. If you choose to ignore them and refuse to answer any questions, you will just have your carry-on bag searched at the gate.
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