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Given the necessity of car seats, do you know if you will have access to a suitable car seat for your toddler at your destination? If you think you might not have, then it’s probably best to prioritize taking two car seats before considering anything else. If the availability of car seats is not an issue, then you might wish to consider where you’ll most likely need the strollers (e.g. where/when in the airport, when during the trip, etc.). If you think the strollers are essential then perhaps planning to take two strollers would be preferable if you can guarantee access to a car seat for your toddler.

Also, how many carry-on bags are you planning to take? Could you possibly combine two into one? If you can, that might provide a way to make taking two car seats and two strollers easier (we made the mistake of taking too much stuff with us the first few times we traveled, but soon learned what the essentials were!). Equally, do either of your strollers have decent storage under the seats? If they do, could you perhaps use that for your carry-on bags when traveling through the airport? Obviously every family is different, but if there’s a way of thinning down your carry-on bags, and/or using the stroller(s) to help with it, then you might find carrying the car seats easier and more practical.

We traveled with a car seat and stroller for our daughter for eleven and a half years, and we found having her stroller in the airport absolutely essential. The trick for us was to always use her stroller as much as possible; the only times she wasn’t in it were when we went through security and when we boarded the plane. Most importantly, it was much safer for her to be in the stroller, but it also provided useful storage space for bags/jackets/etc., and that made carrying her car seat easier. We would gate check the stroller, install her car seat on the plane, and then reverse the process when getting off the plane.

It’s obviously different with two kids (and for every family!), but – if it’s possible with the strollers and car seats you have – we would imagine using the stroller not only for safety, but as a way to help with your carry-on bags, would still apply. Obviously, whether such a routine works for others depends on how happy each kid is to be in a stroller (we were lucky that our daughter was generally fine with it, despite the occasional moan), but the arguably bigger question is whether juggling and thinning out carry-on bags would be enough of a benefit to you that you would be able to take both car seats and strollers.

The other thing to consider is if the foldable car seat carts would be of any benefit for you. For example,
something like this something like this

Obviously our experience was different, and we’re not sure how helpful this is, but hopefully it helps in some way!
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