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Originally Posted by jsloan View Post
It's not a "real" B fare, but it sort of acts like one.

For some reason, UA has published a PE fare table for the CHI-NYC market, which uses differential pricing like domestic F. Of course, there are no PE-equipped planes on that route, so it delegates to B. The cheapest such fare is available with a 14-day advance purchase, on any flight with K availability. I just tried it for a random date in December, and I get a one-way "B" fare for $193. It will accrue at B rates (1.5x PQM) and will be instant-upgrade eligible -- and it should be eligible for free E+, regardless of status -- but otherwise it's still a run-of-the-mill non-refundable fare.

I remember seeing a post recently from someone contemplating a mileage run who had also found a similar low B fare.
That's really fascinating! Thank you for the insight (and for joining in the conversation)!
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