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Part II: Zurich

Part I of VI: Swiss International LAX to ZHR
Part II: Zurich
Part III: Edelweiss ZHR to RAK \
Part IV: Marrakesh, Sahara, Essaouira
Part V: British Airways RAK to LGW
Part VI: Virgin Atlantic LHW to LAX via SFO

October 10, 2019

Zurich, Switzerland

Renaissance Tower Hotel

Sadly, I was only in Zurich for an overnight transfer with my flight departing the in the mid-afternoon on October 11, 2019. I stayed at the Renaissance Tower Hotel. Being that this was just a layover and I was new to the city, I opted for an taxi from the airport ($50 USD) but I suggest the transit system as it is highly efficient and safe even at night. Regarding the Renaissance, it was perfect for the stay and has lovely views of the area. Check in was smooth and efficient, my Titanium status was acknowledged and I was upgraded to a suite. The hard product was great, clean rooms and good facilities. Wish they had a pool but the hotel does have a sauna and gym on the top floor.

The card did welcome me by name, however I removed it.

Junior Suite Office

Renaissance Tower Room

Did a little bit of gay bar hopping in Zurich. For LGBT Travellers, Cranberry seems to be more of a local establishment than Predigerhof Bistro Bar, which catered to persons seeking (Twink-ish) escorts. My visit to Predigerhof, had a twink come sit by me and order a drink for himself and put it on my tab. (Personally, I would have bought him a drink but I felt him just doing so was rude and imposing.)\

Renaissance Room Service: Expensive but pretty good after a night drinking.

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