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As an update out of the 5 qualified (i.e., non-weekend and non-consecutive) stays I have had since Monday 10/21 I have only received my Starbucks extra in 2 of the 5 stays. I thought perhaps it was related to one of the hotels I stayed at but I received one of my two extras from them that so that doesn't seem to be it. The first stay were they failed to send me a card I've submitted a report for it and they've already acknowledged it didn't get sent and they will process one for me. Typically it arrives about 2 weeks after submitting the missing extra report to Choice. I have 2 more non-receipt reports to submit to them after waiting their requisite 3 days to submit the report. It's really an annoying pain, to submit the report you have to look up all of your stay info. So they are only batting 40% in the past about 10 days of actually sending me my "extra". I have to imagine if I'm encountering this bad of a problem getting my extras it's gotta to be occuring to other travelers as well. I would encourage everyone to make sure they are actually receiving their extras as they should be. I'm not sure what else I can do other than keep submitting non-receipt reports.
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