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Received the relevant email this morning. (If it’s not genuine, it’s a very odd scam !) Perhaps I was targeted because I have lost my EK status after switching (mainly) to OW carriers and also Oman Air. Only one Emirates flight taken this year so far.

The email link takes me through to an official EK page offering a One Year subscription @ GBP 234.00

There just doesn’t seem enough to tempt me at this stage. The ‘benefits’ are set out in a very cold, formal ‘Terms & Conditions’ page. I can appreciate that this is legally necessary - although am equally rather surprised that no other effort has been made - thus far - to ‘sell it’ to me in a more enticing, marketing-led, upbeat manner. A couple of specific examples showing how I could recoup the fee with a couple of trips would make a huge difference. I guess I could, with a little effort, do some calculations / projections myself. But surely it makes sense for the supplier to do this rather than the (sceptical) customer .......... ?

Meanwhile any other thoughts & pointers welcome
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