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Originally Posted by windowontheAside View Post
Another ex-Premier customer here and really can't recommend it. I'd shop around for a better account and buy the Avios.

I think if you are self-employed receiving payments directly into your personal account you should be OK providing you can show a decent history. But if you have a company and receive money into a business account and pay yourself from that sporadically with occasional large dividend payoutss they won't (or in my case didn't) like that so much.
Next to useless in my experience from a few years ago.
- couldnít auto populate most of my mortgage application despite them having my current account
- they couldnít decide if I was or wasnít Premier, whenever I wanted something like the higher foreign ATM withdrawals I wasnít but I had a named manager etc.
- even today I keep getting emails about my Premier benefits despite not having had a current account with them for years (I left 1p in a savings account...)
- their technology was awful, when you managed to get a blocked payment unblocked they had a tendency to block online banking access entirely (I got a few hundred quid out of them for their breaching the Ts&Cs before leaving them); based on SmartInvestor stories it hasnít improved
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