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Originally Posted by Will Stonehocker View Post
Given that Wyndham has more budget brands than mid-level, high-end, or luxurious brands, why y'all hating on the company? The only reason why the budget brands exist is if y'all are cheapskates or all the nicer as fudge places are booked up the rear end.
If you have stayed at a number of Wyndham properties, you wouldn't have to ask. As others have mentioned, there are some worthy properties, but I won't risk staying at one that I haven't seen with my own eyes, as the reviews are complete BS in most cases. Or the reviewer is easily satisfied staying in some run down messed up place. I used Wyndham's on a driving trip cross country and will never do that again. Even one that I had been by a few times in FL that I tried one night was awful and not even worth their low price.

We're not talking about the Wyndham Grand, Tryp or most Wingates, which are nice enough, or their time share properties, which I used once for my younger son's wedding in No Cal. I do have some Microtels and Baymonts that I'll stay at in a pinch or when the budget requires it, but life is too short to stay at most Days Inn, Travelodges, or Super 8's.
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